IELTS: Exams for manual labor abroad & for pre or post-graduate studies

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

There are two basic versions to this test, the “general” and the “academic”. The former is required for manual labor abroad while the latter constitutes an admission prerequisite to pre or post-graduate studies in universities domestically or abroad.

Either version has 4 parts: listening, reading, writing and interview, and according to the candidate’s performance, a score of 0-9 is awarded to each part separately as well as an overall band. The overall score can also be used to award level certification (A1-C2).

The examinations are administered by the British Council every 2 weeks, and the results are announced after 13 working days. The examination schedule is already announced on the British Council’s webpage. Candidates may participate in the exam up to 5 times within a calendar year provided two consecutive sittings are at least a month apart from each other.


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