Our History

Providing educational services since 2006

Deb8 (debate) is a services company, operating in the field of teaching foreign languages with an emphasis on business language skills. It was founded in Athens, Greece in 2006. In early 2012, it expanded its operations in Germany. From the beginning of 2018, deb8 (debate) has also embraced online teaching and self-study packages, making the best of cutting edge and sophisticated technology. Simultaneously, it has launched topical and special-content guided tours throughout Greece.


Educational & Business Practices

The deb8 teaching method is based on pleasant communication with an emphasis on speaking. Participants don’t just «learn» a foreign language, but they also delve into the culture of the country whose language they are studying as well as people’s every day life and idiosyncrasy with the help and support of their teachers. Special emphasis is laid on the personality and the specific needs of each participant so that the most appropriate method and pace of teaching are used. Deb8 associates are constantly informed on novel educational and business practices worldwide, and offer their services either at the participants’ offices and homes or online.

Special emphasis is also laid on foreigners who have moved to Greece in order to work as business executives (expats).  To better accommodate them, except for teaching Greek as a foreign language, Deb8 can also provide them with translation and interpreting services so that they are better able to meet the needs, which may arise from their everyday lives. Moreover, at the same time, through the tours deb8 offers all over Greece, these people can learn more about and delve into the history and culture of their new home.

Meet Our Team

Friendly & Supportive Professionals

The founders of Deb8, Aysan Alkan and Vassilis Siametis, have worked in the fields of Education and Business for many years. Aysan Alkan is the Marketing and Communications Manager, whereas Vassilis Siametis, with a background in History and Archaeology, Papyrology and the Athens School of Tour Guides, is in charge of Educational and Guided Tour Programs.


Vasilis Siametis

Director of Studies

Aysan Alkan

Marketing Manager

Meet Our Team

Friendly & Supportive Professionals

Ioanna Makri and Eva Pliakou work towards promoting and organizing the company, “Anaptyxiakos Kyklos” is our financial advisor and Anna Haughton deals with legal matters. Eleanna Sotiriou designed the company logo and Giannis Athanasiou along with “exentric” designed the deb8 webpage, and have undertaken the technical support of both the company and the online courses.


Ioanna Makri

Marketing & Communication

Eva Pliakou

editor and translator

John Athanasiou

IT Support

Anna Haughton

Legal Advisor

Eleanna Sotiriou

Visual Designer

All our educators are not only highly knowledgeable in their fields, but also friendly and supportive to the students. The core of the deb8 education team are:


Nelly Manolakou

English tutor

Valia Piskopani

English tutor

Giannis Maldogiannis

English, Modern Greek, Math tutor

Siva Papaeustathiou

English tutor

Irene Karakatsani

English tutor