Guided tours in Greece

For Greeks who would like to know their country better as well as German speaking residents of Greece or just tourists who plan on visiting our country, deb8 offers scheduled guided tours all over Greece.
Vassilis Siametis, a Historian, Archaeologist, Papyrologist, Graduate with distinctions (valedictorian) and temporary Associate of the Athens School of Tour Guides can guide you through the world of the Greek civilization (ancient, medieval and contemporary).
With him you will discover the places and learn of the facts that led to the birth of one of the most ancient civilizations of humanity, you will understand how and why the Ancient Greek world gradually turned into the theocratic Byzantine Empire, while, at the same time, you will catch a glimpse of the mechanisms that allowed for the creation of the “Greek element” despite the diverse, and more often than not, violent course of the Greek history.
Without wasting valuable time, Mr. Siametis will enlighten you on the idiosyncracy of the locals, their daily lives and preferences as well as their most noteworthy rites and rituals.
If you wish, you can avoid the highly touristic paths, but follow him off the beaten track, to places less popular, yet equally important and interesting.
Mr. Siametis’s ultimate goal is that at the end of each guided tour, as many of his customers as possible (including those who participate in large groups) feel that they did not just visit Greece, but that they now hold a piece of “their own Greece”.


Vassilis Siametis

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You want to enjoy an adventurous, diversified vacation, but you travel Greece with kids? Then you have a different perspective.
No matter, which age, they are hungry, tired or bored. Still, this should be a vacation for the whole family, so let me take you to the places we visited as a family with three kids from pre-school age to teenager and enjoy the very moment. Having had the opportunity to live in this lovely country, we realized that the beauty of it doesn’t only lie in visiting old ruins, swim in the ever blue sea or eating delicious food, but instead to enjoy the Greek hospitality in tiny villages, taking horse rides or canoe drives in the raw beauty of the Vikos gorge, visiting galleries in Skala at the footsteps of the Monastery of St. Johns in Patmos and talking to the artist (being offered an afternoon art course especially for kids). Savor a good glass of wine in the evening while the setting sun touches the ocean and the kids play in the sand. We tried to enjoy every moment (and every weekend) of our adventurous stay in Greece, so we have a variety of tours we already tested out ourselves. Together with Vasilis Siametis, I can plan, organize and guide you through the country in order to have an unforgettable family vacation.

About me: My name is Melanie Schöngassner and I currently live in Munich, Germany together with my husband and our three kids. Before we moved to Greece, we lived 6 years in Switzerland. In addition, we are deeply rooted in Rauris, Austria, the hometown of my husband, where we maintain a holiday home ( and enjoying nature and mountains.


Melanie Schöngassner

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